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high desert bamboo fly rods. bamboo fly rods and classes for making them

 By Scott Nilsson. Best bamboo fly rods for your money

high desert bamboo fly rods

A telling testimonial

Hi Scott,

Still this is the best rod I´ve ever had, the feeling is just incredible. Impossible to compare with hi tech carb rods and it´s no idea to try to explain to anybody else either, they will not understand. 

I can not just forget about it. Its too nice to cast with in small rivers. The handcraft is just extraordinary. When I go out at night and fish it´s not just about fishing, it´s about the rod, to have a really nice piece to fish with. One feels satisfied just to look at it, to handle it and cast with it is just a dream. I do very small streamers, dry flies, wet flies, emergers and also small nymphs with it.

Joel Hultgren

President and Chief Instructor


. best bamboo fly rods

About Our Fly Rods

the high desert bamboo fly rod should look great, but more importantly, it should be a pleasure to cast

a great bamboo fly rod by scott nilsson

 Providing beautiful, affordable bamboo fly rods. I also offer private classes on bamboo fly rod building. I am among one of the finest  bamboo fly rod makers. materials, our products are made from years of fishing experience and a belief in quality and loyalty to our customers.

how to purchase a bamboo fly rod


 Keep in mind that one maker's rod of any given length or weight will differ considerably from that of another maker's rod. I happen to like faster action rods with plenty of power, but I can suit the rod's action to meet your needs.
    I would encourage you to contact me to discuss your bamboo fly rod.   Why wait a year or two to receive the rod you really want. I offer an excellent bamboo fly rod at a great price with a relatively short lead time.   More Info bamboo fly rods best bamboo fly rods

Why American made bamboo rods are so expensive

The prices have much to do with the fame of the maker.Commercial firms produce rods that approximate $3,000.Small makers with a good reputation will charge from $1000 to $2,000.If the rod is made by hand a bamboo rod will take about 80 hours to make. The materials cost will be about $200.00, therefore, If you do the math you can see what the hourly wage for the maker will be.A few companies offer bamboo fly rods and blanks they purchase from China at a very low cost. I have purchased a few of these and found that you get what you pay for. Often the heat treating is inadequate and the components leave something to be desired.The tapers are taken from well known makers of the past and I found most of them are not too impressive when copied by Chinese makers, with the exception of the 8’0” 6 wt. If you happen to break a tip for instance,the people who sell these rods don’t have the capability to repair them so you will be sent a new tip which is not from the same bamboo pole (culm) from which the original rod was made.It should also be noted that their rods, since mass produced, use bamboo from many different culms. This means that the rod will have different casting characteristics than one made from the same culm of bamboo. This is important if you are a discriminating individual who can really feel how the rod casts.

You are welcome to get in touch with me if you have questions Scott …

also offering private bamboo rod making classes

Let me make you a beautiful bamboo fly rod or instruct you how to make one.

 Scott Nilsson is a true bamboo craftsman, a warm knowledgeable tutor, a lifelong mentor and always a friend.
I enjoyed the bamboo fly rod learning and building experience with Scott and was never left wanting for more instruction in the many diverse skills he teaches. At the end of the class you will have the learning tools you need to continue refining the bamboo fly rod construction craft.
Practicing the skills he teaches you will bring you to the master craftsmanship level making split cane fly rods that Scott has attained, and maybe beyond.
If you are attentive and want to learn this time honored skill, you, too, will 'become one with the boo...'.

Don Smith  Missoula, MT communities that support water health, fish, and the joy of fishing. More Info bamboo fly rods fishing rod

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